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Growth mindset or static mindset?

How do you approach your goals? Are you focussed on the end result, or are you focussed on the learning and the process? These are questions that are asked in Gwenda Schlundt Bodien her book “Hersenvitaminen”. This is a book about having a growth mindset or a static mindset. And I have to say that this book changed the way I’m looking at my goals at the moment. It gave me a new insight in how you can approach your goals in two different ways. And that I can learn a lot about these two ways.

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Bible Journaling Watercolour Song of Songs 2

In my new Journaling-Bible I have made a Lilly of the Valley (Song of Songs 2) with watercolor, or Aquarelle paint.

This is a blogpost with a lot of pictures and little text to show you how the materials behaved.

I used multiple layers of paint, and I let it dry so the paper wouldn’t be too wet and the colors too hard to control and to handle.

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Minimalism – A hunger for less – #1

Minimalism, the movement that is trending right now and that is going against consumerism. People are realizing that more money, more cars, more stuff or just more in general doesn’t make you happier.
But if more doesn’t make you any happier, does less make you happier?

Minimalism is something has my attention for quite some time now. I think it is fascinating to see people sell their things, move to smaller homes, set clear goals and let go of certain things. I have watched hundreds of videos about minimalists, tiny homes and people living in a van. But I haven’t really implemented minimalism in such extremes in my daily life yet.

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Back after a long time


Dear readers,

This time we have a different post than normal. We haven’t kept up with our website for almost a year. This is because of some personal reasons that made that we didn’t have enough time and couldn’t prioritize this site. Also another reason is that we had some different expectations about this website and our interests have shifted slightly.

We would like to start writing again, however it can be a little different then before. We had set our bar too high for this website. And since we set the bar so high instead of just trying to enjoy keeping up with our website, we stopped writing in total.

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Traveler’s Journal 2017

This is a Traveler’s Journal blogpost about the entries in my travelers Journal from our journey to the Cevennes in France this year (2017). This year I took my journal with me, a pen, my watercolours (aquarelle paints) and two brushes, a glue-stick, a pair of scissors and some washi-tapes.

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Delicious Easy & Fast Summer Watermelon Salad – Recipe

After a period of silence on Dolce Creativity, it is time for a new blogpost. This time I will show you how to make this super easy and delicious treat: A summer watermelon salad. This salad is delicious as a snack or a side dish. You can take it with you on a summer picknick or make it for a nice barbecue with friends. You can make this salad under 5 minutes and with just 3 ingredients.

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Bible (Art) Journaling with acrylic paints, Genesis 1

I love to make art and to journal in my Bible. Since the beginning of the year I am working a little in my new Bible, and I thought it would be nice to use a lot of different techniques and materials in this Bible.

This post will be about working with acrylic paints in the Bible. With acrylic paints you can start painting with dark colours, in contrast to working with watercolours, so this way I could make a galaxy.

I have used several distress inks and a white pen before to make another galaxy, with these materials it was a lot easier to look through the materials and see and read the text, but with acrylics I could get a more realistic picture.
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How to Make Your Own Jewelry – Lacey Choker Necklaces # 3

Choker necklaces are hot, but also easy to make yourself. We have already two blogposts about how you can make your own choker necklaces. These necklaces where velvet or ribbon. Today will be our last blogpost about chokers. This time we will make two easy choker necklaces that are made of lace and lace-like material. These chokers are really easy and fast to make. You can make these chokers under 30 minutes.
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DIY Yarn Wrapped Mallets

In this post I am showing you how to wrap mallets with yarn. These mallets can be used with wooden slit drums or with a Marimba. I need a lot of mallets for my work as a music therapist, and that’s the reason I decided to make a lot of different mallets myself. It saved me a lot of money!

It is a precise work to wrap the mallets in a way that the yarn is distributed evenly. With some tips and tricks it is a lot easier and if you know how to do it, you will see yourself making them yourself instead of buying them!

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DIY Mallets

This is a blog about how to make your own mallets. As a music therapist I need a lot of mallets. And a lot of different types of mallets. So I decided to make a bunch of them myself. In this first post I will show you how I made the rubber and wooden mallets, in a next post I will show you how to make a mallet which is winded with yarn, like a mallet which will be used on a marimba or wooden slit-drum.

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