Back after a long time


Dear readers,

This time we have a different post than normal. We haven’t kept up with our website for almost a year. This is because of some personal reasons that made that we didn’t have enough time and couldn’t prioritize this site. Also another reason is that we had some different expectations about this website and our interests have shifted slightly.

We would like to start writing again, however it can be a little different then before. We had set our bar too high for this website. And since we set the bar so high instead of just trying to enjoy keeping up with our website, we stopped writing in total.

So this time we want to try again, but this time just for fun. No expectations about the quality. Not wanting to make blogpost with the same quality as websites that have people that are working full time for their website.

Besides we also would like to write a little more about our other interests then creativity. So you guys can expect a different variety of blogposts from us.

So from now on we just want to write and create again, but without trying to be perfect.

Much love,

Kirsten & Sigrid


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