Traveler’s Journal 2017

This is a Traveler’s Journal blogpost about the entries in my travelers Journal from our journey to the Cevennes in France this year (2017). This year I took my journal with me, a pen, my watercolours (aquarelle paints) and two brushes, a glue-stick, a pair of scissors and some washi-tapes.

I love my big metal watercolour case!

I made my own watercolour paper booklet and painted the front and back with the wet-in-wet technique with some random colours.

The first entry is the 8th of July, we traveled in the night, under a nice full moon. Every time we made a stop, Snooze, the little dog of my daughter (a mix of a Chihuahua and a ShiTzu) loved to hunt for insects in the grass.

The second entry is the 9th of July. We arrived early in the morning. We got a nice spot nearby the toilet-buildings. There were a lot of pinecones, it took us a while to prepare the place for the tents. Snooze loved the pinecones. We took the rest of the day to rest and to set up the tent and all our stuf.

I inserted the map of the camping place with the tip-in methode, taped some washi-tape arrows to show our spot, and coloured the map. For our blogpost about tip-ins see the next post:

And on the back of the map I added information of the camp-site.

On the 10th of July I painted our camping spot with our tents and chairs. We had to go to the village to purchase some sturdy tent-pins and a hammer to put it into the rock-solid ground. The weather forecast predicted some serious lightening storms. We took the dog with us. We have a dog carrier bag, a good way to keep her safe and interested in the same time. We saw some nice paths with a lot of high stone-walls.

On the 11th we took a trip to the Runes Waterfalls. We drove through a small place with a very nice castle. Added/next to the castle was a church. I just had to draw it! After traveling a lot of small roads we came to the waterfalls. We had to walk a steep path with some big rocks along the abyss. It was worth all the trouble! The waterfalls were awesome!

I added two tip-ins, with some extra information.

I loved to add this wing of a dragonfly I found next to my chair. It is so wonderful structured! I hope it will not crumble and stay this way. I taped it with some washi-tape under a thin layer of plastic.

On the 12th it was very hot. We went to the village Florac and saw some nice yellow butterflies with black stripes. We went to the Tarne (the small river) and enjoyed the coolness of the water. Early in the evening we saw a Bubble-Magician. He was dressed up and had a lot of different sticks and ropes to make small and big bubbles.

The 13th July was another hot day. We chilled on the camping site, took a small trip to the stores, bought some French magazines and spent a lot of time in the pool and the river.

The 14th of July was the French  National Holiday. We had a nice start of the day in the swimming pool and  went to Mende, a bigger city some 30 kilometres away, it took us over 1 hour! We saw a lot of nice and impressive mountains which made it worth making the trip. We went to a supermarche/superstore. We were not impressed, but luckily we saw and bought some clothes and a nose clip. In the evening we were all tired, so we choose to stay and skip the fireworks.

The 15th, me and my husband went on a trip through the Gorges du Tarne. In the morning we had a great Caramel ice-cream and in the afternoon we went to a mill in a spring. The spring was in a cave. I loved this place, for it was a nice cool place in these hot temperatures! The road we took had a lot of tunnels.

On the 16th (Sunday) we took it easy. The laundry was hanging, we went on swimming and hiking and chilling.

My daughter found me a butterfly.

Monday the 17th we went to an old farm. There we went hiking, we saw a lot of the place and visited the caves in which they made cheese and sausages.

The 18th July we started the day in the pool. After that we went to a spot high in the mountains, were we were supposed to see footprints of dinosaurs. Well, you have got to have a great imagination to see those imprints. The view was great, though.

On the 19th we went to the Caves D’argilan. It was quite a long trip to the caves, and so worth it!

I loved to add all the information we got in the journal.

The day ended with thunderstorms. We decided to go home earlier, and pack the tent as soon as it was dry. The next days would be very wet, we thought it would be better to be at home and pack our dry things.

The last page is a perfect spot for the map of the Gorges du Tarn.


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