Baby Boy Junk Journal

Someone requested me to make a Junk Journal as a gift for a babyshower. I already had pre-made some small books with different papers. I choose the book that was most appropriate for a baby boy.

I also looked for different pictures, smaller pieces of paper, tags, tickets, rub-ons and cards.


The cover of the book was not baby or boy related, so I had to alter the cover. I started with covering the middle with paints. I dragged several acrylic paints from the centre to the sides. The last colours I used were the bronze and silver paints.

I looked for several options to finish the cover and I choose to use a tag. The tag has a soft fibre yarn in the same colours through its punched hole.  A lace flower is pinned on it with a splitpen embellishment.   The book can be closed with the elastic lace.


For the inside of the cover I used  papers with a nice lacy print. The little frame is a rub-on.

I added some pockets with extra tickets and tags and papers. The pockets are made from self-made journaling cards, made of paper scraps. The corners are rounded with a corner punch.

I also added a lot of laces to the rims of the papers. And some baby-related lacy rub-ons.

The coffee stained papers are beautiful in this journal, just like the blue with purple paper that was dyed in a bubble pattern. I made it with paint in soapwater, with blowing through a straw you get coloured bubbles. I touched the bubbles with the paper and it dyed the paper in a bubble pattern.

I added some more pockets to put tickets and tabs in. The pocket on the photo on the right is made with a big cake-doily. It is folded to form a pocket.

I stamped some rasters and pictures on the papers. I love the blue stamped doily.  I cut and punched some flowers and stars out of the pages to make the pages more interesting.

I love this little Baby-Boy Junk-Journal. It has a lot of space to journal in and on. And a lot of space to add photo’s and other things.

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