Music Therapy: on the road, my dutch way

I work as an independent, self employed Music Therapist. I am working in different places and with different groups of people. Like people with multiple disabilities, elderly people, children and people with acquired brain injury.

As I am on my way to the clients, I am traveling by bike.

By train and by bike

When I am traveling by train, I am taking my folding bike and a backpack. Sometimes I am bringing an extra bag with musical instruments with me. In this case I already have a guitar, some small instruments and my books with songs on location.


By bike only

When I am just riding my bike and when I am giving Music Therapy in my own city, I am taking my bike with my trailer. And I can take a lot of stuff with me!

On the day I made these pictures I took: a guitar, harp, dulcimer, flute, some drums and percussion instruments, a mandola, a cymbal, zither and different books with songs. I packed it all in my trailer and in the bike-bags.

On location, I put most of the instruments on the central table, so the clients can pick up the instrument they like to try or to play.

The instruments I don’t want them to take and play with, I keep on an other table, close to me. I will let them play on most instruments, but the more expensive and fragile ones are more supervised.

As you can see, I even take my little bike trailer indoors, it fits through the broader doors, but not through the normal doors. In this place and in schools I can take it with me to the rooms and classes.

Now you’ve seen how I travel from place to place. How do you travel? What instruments do you bring? What kind of instruments and bags do you bring, or what kind of cart do you use?


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