Magnetic pencil


Magnetic Pencil

This is a blogpost about how to make your own magnetic pencil.

The pencil I use for music is always magnetic adhered to the music stand. When the stand is folded I put the pencil on the inner side, to ensure that it doesn’t get caught in other equipment.

The pencil can be put anywhere on metal, like the small pieces of the music stand. Another pencil I use to adhere to the fridge, next to my grocery list.



  • a pencil
  • a small magnet
  • a knife (utility knife, or a kitchen knife)
  • super glue


Magnet and pencil

To determine the size of the magnet: use what you have and look for the smallest magnet.

To determine what pencil is best to use: I liked the angular and six sided pencil best, because with the round pencil the magnet will not fall nice into the cut away part.

I tried all the small magnets. I had to see which one would fall in the pencil nicely and not stick out.

These magnets were to big for this pencil.

And this one was a perfect fit.


Cutting the pencil

Before cutting the pencil it is best to determine where to cut. It is better to put the magnet to the back side of the pencil. This way the tip of the pencil can be free, and you can use the pencil longer and sharpen it without problems.

I marked the place to cut the pencil first. You can mark it with two drawn lines, or with the knife.

After setting the marks, you can cut out the piece. It is best to cut in a 90 degree angle.

Make the cut deep enough so the magnet will sink into the pencil, but shallow enough so the magnet will stick out on the top. That way only the magnet will touch the surface of the metal ( the fridge or music stand).


Glue the magnet

I glued the magnet in place with a big drop of super glue.

You’ll have to work quick, because the glue will be dry in seconds. Place the magnet in the middle of the hole and let it sit for a while.

After the glue is dry, the magnet is securely adhered to the pencil and will not fall off.

It is ready to be used!


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