How To Make a Diaper Cake


One of your friends had a baby or just announced that she is pregnant. Congratulations! But now the question is, what will you give her for the babyshower or when you see the baby for the first time?

One of the gifts you can give that is cute, personal and practical is a diaper cake. A diaper cake can be as fancy as you want to make it, but it can also be quite easy and fun to make.

For a diaper cake you will need: around 50 diapers, I used 2 packs. Rubberbands, ribbon, rope and cute accessories. I used lollipops.

The first step is to take 1 diaper. Lay the diaper so that the “opening” is faced to you and the middle away from you. You then start to roll from the “opening” part to the middle, just as on the picture. When the diaper is rolled, then put the rubber band around the diaper.



After rolling up all the diapers you will use (depending on how big you want to make your diaper cake), you can start making the ground layer. First get three rolled up diapers and put them together to make your core. Put a rope around it. You can also use something as a core. I have seen diaper cakes with a wine bottle in the center. After this you can stack some other diapers around the core and put a rope around the second row. Around every layer you can put the rope. Make sure every layer is smaller then the layer below. I choose to make a three layer cake. After making the last layer, a stacked the layers on each other and put ribbons around the layers. When you use a core like a wine bottle, you will find that the cake is more stable then make separate layers. I made separate layer because a had to go with the train and this way it was smaller and more movable for the journey.


When you put on the ribbon, you can decorate the diaper cake even further. I put little lollipops in the diapers, but you can also put in some cute small toys, clothes or cards. Depending on which things you where planning to give. And than your diaper cake is finished. I think it took me around half a hour to a hour to make the cake.



Have you ever made a diaper cake? Let us know if you have any cute ideas or have done it in a different way.

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