Hanger with ephemera for a music case


One day my client had her birthday during a Music Therapy lesson. We are playing the Cello together (she plays the left hand and I support her right hand, or I play the right hand). We both love playing the cello together and have builded a very pleasant friendship-like connection. So I decided to make her a present she could use to hang on her cello-case.


I went to the Action, that’s a dutch store similar to for instance the dollar store, and I bought several cheap pieces of jewellery and tassels.  At home I decomposed the jewellery and made a new composition of the pieces, so it would look nice hanging on the cello-case.


  • pliers
  • cheap pieces of jewellery
  • chains  
  • tassels
  • charms
  • clamp-rings
  • key ring and/or hook

The decomposing fase: disconnecting and separating the parts of the jewellery. I used the pliers to wrench the rings open and to close the rings again.


I opened several links of a chain to make smaller pieces of the chain. I did attach the tassels to a piece of chain.


I did put another piece of chain to the tassels with chain with a small opened ring, and closed it with the pliers.


Joining the different pieces of chain with tassels.


Adding the charms and a chain lock. With the chain lock she can put it on a zipper or an other piece of the cello cover.


And ready is the hanger! I finished it off by putting it in one of the plastic bags of the jewellery I bought.


My client loved the hanger!

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