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A paperclip is always handy to have at school or at work. It can mark the page you are reading, put a little paper in place or hold together a couple of pages that belong together. You can find all kinds of paperclips at the store, but the cute ones are often more expensive in comparison with the simple ones.

It is easy to pimp a paperclip and make it cute and personal. You can pimp your paperclip in different ways. You can glue a little pompom on the paperclip, make a cute tossle, bend the paperclip in a different shape or glue a cute picture on the paperclip. And this a just a couple of examples on how to pimp your paperclip.

Things you can use:

  •         Paperclips
  •         Glue
  •         Paint
  •         A couple of pieces of yarn
  •         Little pompons
  •         Alligator pliers
  •         Small pieces of paper or pictures
  •         A gluegun


Paperclip 1:

Choose the kind of paperclip you want to make and lay these things all out on your table. If you want to use pompons, you may need a gluegun to properly apply the glue. The best way to make this work is to use 1 little pompon. Apply a dot of glue on the paperclip with the hotgun. Then carefully push the paperclip in the middle of the pompon and hold it there. Be sure to hold the pompon to the paperclip until it is completely dry.

20160913_113004 20160913_113019 20160913_113054 20160913_113144

Another method for attaching a pompon to a paperclip is to sew the pompon on the paperclip. Herefore you will need a thread and needle. The process is simple if you know how to sew. In a later blogpost we will explain how you can sew things (like buttons or a simple embellishment on fabric). We didn’t make an example for this option.

20160913_175014 20160913_123237

Paperclip 2:

To make a paperclip with a cute tassel, you will need a little tassel (you can make these yourself), a glue-gun or a tread and needle and of course the paperclip. This time we used a bulldog clamp to demonstrate how you can attach a tassel. I have to be honest to you, this is not my favorite. But perhaps it gives you inspiration on how to make these in a better way. Above I have just attached different treads of this special spread to the clamp. 


Paperclip 3:

You can pimp your paperclip by attaching different types of pictures or embellishments to the paperclip. Make sure that every time you glue something, the glue dot is in the middle. This way you won’t have a lot of glue coming out of the sides. See below for the different paperclips and how I made them.

Example 1:

20160913_115256 20160913_115307 20160913_121738 20160913_121742 20160913_121832

Example 2



Example 3:


Paperclip 4:


Another way to embellish your paperclip, is to glue little pictures or tags etc. on both sides of the paperclip. This way the paperclip is surrounded by the embellishment so that it will stay on better. For example, see the paperclip and heart shape embellishment below.


Paperclip 5:

You can also form the paperclip in different shapes. The shape I demonstrate here is a heart, but other shapes are also possible. One tip is to make sure to use the middle of the longest part of the paperclip, to bend it into shape. If you have any questions or if something is not quite clear, please let me know.

The end result:

20160913_113506 20160913_113442



Paperclip 6:

One last idea is to make a bookmaker from a paperclip. My example below is not the most prettiest, but it shows the possibilities. The idea is to put a string or a little braided string or something else. The possibilities are endless.


The end result:


In which way do you pimp you office supplies? And have you ever pimped a paperclip?
Let us know if you have tried any of these ideas in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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