Painting/coloring in a Travelers Journal

A picture speaks a thousand words


This is a picture of a small river, flowing under a bridge with a beautiful old building next to it. It was a very tranquil place, and this picture immediately brings back the feeling I had on the bridge.


This blog is about the use of art, like painting, coloring and doodling in a travelers journal.

It is a very personal, creative and fun way to enhance your entry in your travelers journal.


If you want to journal on the go, take some stationary with you. Find yourself a nice spot to work and if you can lay out all your stuf you want to use. Find yourself a comfortable time and space to journal. Think of what you want to do and begin!


If you want to have a piece of art as the focal centre of your page, you could start with this, and add the writing part of your journaling later on in the left over spaces.


Ways of inhencing art in your travelers notebook or travelers journal:

Creating a nice background to write, doodle or make your art on. You can make a coloured background with acrylic paint, added with a businesscart. It is a nice way to start on the page, you can create a thin layer of colours as a base of everything else.


The use of watercolour or aquarelle paints is another nice way of laying a background. Especially when several techniques as flowing colours, the use of salt or dripping water or orther colours, or the removal of paint with a piece of crinkeled tissuepaper. The background is more interesting, a fine way of making the page more special.


The use of doodles will spice the writing up or elucidate the things you are writing about. It breaks the page and adds a small or larger focal point in the joournal.


Instead of adding a map as a tipp-in you can add a drawing and painting of a map.


If you paint or draw a view, an event or some special feelings of your travel, the artwork in your journal will bring back all the emotions and feeliings you had on your trip.


  1. Acrylic paint: I often use acrylic paints as a coloured base. I apply it with a businesscard. Acrilic paint can be used as is, but it can also be used to make your work transparant in your travelers journal when you dilute it with water.
  2. Aquarel or watercolourpaint and pencils: The pages in most travelers journals can take Aquarel or watercolour paint and pencils very well. But be aware of the wrinkling of the pages and the bleed through. If you want to, you can use Gesso as a base to avoid bleedthrough.
  3. Doodling: You can enhance your teksts and letters with doodled flowers, arrows, flags or different images.
  4. Gelpens: With a gelpen you won’t have any ink leaking through the pages. They will give interesting colours and you can write or draw with them.
  5. Pencil drawings: You can get great results when you draw or colour with pencils.



If you can’t paint a scene in a short moment of time, take a picture on your phone and paint or draw it later in your journal.


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