How to make your own Travelers Journal

I love looking through my travelers journals. All the memories of the vacation and the trips  are a lot more specific. All the little details will come back in my mind.  This way I have a great way of keeping a memory in a travelers journal during my travels and trips.


Journaling is a fun and relaxing way to reflect on your vacation days. And nobody can tell you how to do it (in a specific way) or even to do it every day.  If you want to do a page a day, or two pages for one day and after that one page for three days later, or two pages for one week… It is all up to you to decide on what you want to do.



You can buy a lot of materials, which can make a travelers journal very expensive. That’s why I think it is better to use what you have, and work your way up to more materials. Almost everybody has pencils, pens, a ruler and erasers and colouring pencils.

  • A travelers journal, travelers notebook, or a normal notebook/ artbook/ journal, I am using my self-made leather cover, in which I am keeping a variety of booklets and materials.
  • A pen, pencil, eraser, ruler and thin black or coloring pens; markers or gelpens if you want to do handlettering and/or doodling.
  • Acrylic paint, aquarel or watercolour paint, colouring pencils or other materials when you want to make drawings and paintings.
  • A gluestick, scraps of paper, scissors, journaling cards, modge podge. Stickers, pictures, stamps, stamp ink, washi-tape, stencils and every other material you can think of.


How to:

There are a lot of ways to document and journal. Do you want to add drawings and paintings? Do you want a clean written page? Do you want to have a vocal point? Do you want to work with a background?

I like to change and use different ways of journaling. Some days I like to paint and draw, another day I have a lot of tip-ins and flyers, tickets and maps to add, and another day I have a lot to write.

On the days I am writing a lot, I love to start with a coloured background. In those days I usually will use Distress Ink, watercolour paint or acrylic paint. Or I will start with a stamped border or different stamped or doodled boxes, in which I can write the different happenings of the day.

On days when I like to have my page with a painted or drawed image, I am starting with making the image. After that I will write, add embelishments and so on.


The days we have made a trip to a city or to a museum, I will start with the flyers, tickets and so on. After that I will add the written tekst.  




It is a lot of fun to look in your stash for travel-related items, stamps or stencils before the travel, to take with you and use in your travelers journal. But there are also a lot of things you can keep and add in your journal during your travel. You can think of things like: tickets, maps, receipts, guides, flyers, postcards, businesscards, candywraps, little stones, shells, fabric, feathers, plant-seeds, dried flowers, leafs and so on.



Use of work-space:

Sometimes I make a pocket, envelope, tuck-in, tip-in or a tag. This is a good way to create more space on my page.


Paintings and drawings:

If you can’t paint a scene in a short moment of time (like this car on the highway), take a picture on your phone and paint or draw it later in your journal.



You can write about anything. You can record details like the weather, prices of things you bought, times you did something, shops you visited, trips you made, people you saw, random things that happened, funny anecdotes, daytrips, citytrips, things about the nature, plants, animals, culture, clothes, maps, tickets, menu of the things you ate. And so on, and so on…


You can google on Travelers journal or travelers notebook for more ideas and inspiration. There are also a lot of fun ideas to find on hobonichi journaling pages, or at midori/fauxdori related pages.

Where and when:

If you want to journal on the go, take some stationary with you. Find yourself a nice spot to work and if you can lay out all your stuf you want to use. Find yourself a comfortable time and space to journal. Think of what you want to do and begin!



Adding photo’s to your journal is a quick and fun way to capture the moment on the page.

Doodles and frames:

You can add some doodles or frames around seperate writing spaces. This way you can write down short memories, and they don’t have to be related to each other..




  1. Handlettering: Drawn and handwritten letters can be used, altered and made beautiful, in all kind of shapes, fonts and ways. You can use a variety of pens, pencils and paint for different results. See the blog about handlettering.
  2. Doodling: You can enhance your teksts and letters with doodled flowers, arrows, flags or different images.
  3. Stamps: There are a lot of stamps which you can use in your travelers journal. This way you don’t have to be an art-pro so you will have great results.
  4. Stickers: Stickers are a quick and neat way to decorate your travelers journal.
  5. Tip-in: you can put a tip-in, like a Journaling card, with washi-tape.
  6. Washi-tape: There are a lot of different washi-tapes available. A good washi-tape doesn’t destroy your paper when it is removed. And you can make the pages more interesting with a pop of colour.
  7. Gelpens: With a gelpen you won’t have any ink leaking through the pages. They will give interesting colours and you can write or draw with them.
  8. Pencil drawings: You can get great results when you draw or colour with pencils.
  9. Tissuepaper: Pages can instantly transform when you use Modge Podge and tissuepaper. It will give you an almost transparent picture over the page.
  10. Acrylic paint: I often use acrylic paints as a coloured base. I apply it with a businesscard. Acrilic paint can be used as is, but it can also be used to make your work transparant in your travelers journal when you dilute it with water.
  11. Aquarel or watercolourpaint and pencils: The pages in most travelers journals can take Aquarel or watercolour paint and pencils very well. But be aware of the wrinkling of the pages and the bleed through. You can use Gesso as a base to avoid bleedthrough.
  12. Fabric, threat, lace and band: Applying these materials are a fun way to decorate a travelers journal. But be aware of the bulking effect of the materials in your travelers journal.

Do you journal about your travels? Please let us know in the comments, or put a picture on instagram, Facebook or pinterest and tag us.

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