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It is a lot of fun to use hand lettering in your journal, diary, cardmaking, art or biblejournaling. It makes your work personal and different. There are a lot of ways to do hand lettering, and with some simple tips and techniques your work will look fabulous. It is best to take your own writing style as a base. After that you can build on these letters to form them to your preference.  

I love adding hand lettering with texts and words in my Bible, in my planner and on cards. It gets easier with time, and practice makes perfect.

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When you take a basic letter, you can add swirls, make them bigger, give them shadow, elongate or shorten one side of the letter, thicken the downstrokes, there are a lot of ways to give the letters a different appearance.



Depending on the materials you will use, you will get different outcomes. When I write with a calligraphy pen, it gives instantly a nice letter, with broadened downstrokes and thin swirls. If I use a brush, I can get the same results, and I can variate with different colours.

For more precise work, I draw the letters with a pencil and a ruler, and prepare the letter until I am satisfied, and after that I will trace them and fill them in. When I am ready, I will erase the pencilmarks. You can also colour the letters in, or leave them open.

Hand lettering 14


Doodling is an other way to spice up the tekst or words. Adding some flowers, swirls, dots, hearts, feathers, arrows, corners, banners or other things will give your work a different feel.


Letters in a different shape:


I made two different pieces with hand lettering for someone’s blog, one with a button and one with a hospitalbed.

At first I drew the object with a soft pencil. After that I drew the different words in the different outlined spaces. In the big spaces I put the keywords in big letters, the other spaces were filled with other (blog) related words.

Hand lettering 11Hand lettering 13Hand lettering 15Hand lettering 16

Hand lettering 3Hand lettering 6

After a lot of thinking, measuring, erasing and drawing, I was content with the outcome.

I outlined the letters and filled the lettering with black markers. When finished, I let the work dry for at least twenty minutes. The final touch was the careful work of erasing  all the pencil marks.


Hand lettering 17Hand lettering 20





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