Designing a business card – Mixed Media

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The last 6 months I have been making music with two other ladies. We love to make more dreamy sounds from the Irish, Israelian, Indian and Native American music. We were surprised at how good the music we made sounded, so we started a band. After a lot of discussion and thinking of several funny names, we decided on the name “Galan”, an old Germanic word for enchanting, enchanted music, enchanted singing.

So now we decided this name, it started to become more official. We have been playing on several occasions, and we want to be known and to be found a little bit easier. So the need for a good business card was growing.


Several Potential Backgrounds:

I like making artsy works, and that’s why I started to make several backgrounds with different materials for the business card.  

Design your own business card 1


The backgrounds of the first two potential cards were made with acrylic paint applied with a hard, plastic card. After that I made smudges with white gesso, and added some gesso on top of the stencils. The work was meant to be smudgy, and the outcome is as intended.



I sprayed some Tattered Angels Glimmermist over a stencil to make more smudges. And after that I added spray ink over another stencil. Beware: Some Spray ink and acrylic paint can smudge and will not give a very clean effect with sharp edges.



Chosen Background:

After choosing the one that fits best, I finished the process, and we are very glad with the outcome.

The background of the chosen business card is made with a lot of different colours Tim Holtz distressink from Ranger. This is applied in overlaying layers with a Ranger Ink Blending tool.

Design your own business card 1

After this I applied distress ink with the use of a blending-tool and some stencils to get the more intricate backgroundpatterns.  


Adding Letters:

With the background chosen and finished, I drew the letters of the word Galan in pencil as a guideline. After that I used black Edding Calligraphy markers to write the word Galan. I erased the pencil-lines and filled the blank spots in with black Steadler pigment liners, to make the edges and the outskirts of the letters more defined.


After that I traced the letters on the left- and below with white, to make the letters stand out more. The last addition to the letters was an outline with a Sharpie permanent marker.


As the finishing touch I added the swirls and music-notes, to finish off the design.



  • Use the colours you like and can relate to
  • Make a design in a rectangle shape, to fit the back of the business card
  • Use forms and/or stencils that reflect the meaning of your business
  • Use a font that suites your business- or group-name
  • Incorporate some little objects, for example in our case music-notes, swirls and backgroundpatterns to fit the mystifying and enchanting music
  • The best results will be when you make the work big and scan it with a high resolution. It will look fabulous, when you incorporate it in your card.
  • Know when to stop. Sometimes less is more. Simple patterns are sometimes the best, but other times intricate patterns are more fitting.
  • Make multiple designs, it is important to be able to choose something you all like.
  • Don’t go for a perfect design, but go for a fitting design.
  • Be aware that the printing and cutting proces will need an extra margin to work with.

Have you ever made your own business card? Or designed one on the computer?


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