Growth mindset or static mindset?

How do you approach your goals? Are you focussed on the end result, or are you focussed on the learning and the process? These are questions that are asked in Gwenda Schlundt Bodien her book “Hersenvitaminen”. This is a book about having a growth mindset or a static mindset. And I have to say that this book changed the way I’m looking at my goals at the moment. It gave me a new insight in how you can approach your goals in two different ways. And that I can learn a lot about these two ways.

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New Years Resolution to Goals – Bullet Journal

It’s the start of the year and a new year always brings new resolutions. These new years resolutions give you new goals. But how can you put these goals down on paper, so you can make sure you can reach them? I use a system that you can use in your bullet journal. I have already made my goal pages for February, so you can see how I do this.
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