How to Make Your Own Jewelry – Lacey Choker Necklaces # 3

Choker necklaces are hot, but also easy to make yourself. We have already two blogposts about how you can make your own choker necklaces. These necklaces where velvet or ribbon. Today will be our last blogpost about chokers. This time we will make two easy choker necklaces that are made of lace and lace-like material. These chokers are really easy and fast to make. You can make these chokers under 30 minutes.
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How to Make Cute Roses from Egg Carton

Do you want to recycle your egg carton and want to try to make something crafty? We have a cute solution (Or a nice idea if you just want to be crafty today). We are going to make some easy DIY egg carton roses. These roses are cute as a decoration or as an addition to a wrapped present.

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Magnetic pencil


Magnetic Pencil

This is a blogpost about how to make your own magnetic pencil.

The pencil I use for music is always magnetic adhered to the music stand. When the stand is folded I put the pencil on the inner side, to ensure that it doesn’t get caught in other equipment.
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How to make your own Jewelry – Choker Necklace # 2


In an earlier blogpost I have demonstrated how to make one cute and easy choker necklace under 5 minutes. In this post I will demonstrate a couple of other ideas for choker necklaces.
Choker necklaces are really easy to make yourself, as long as you have the inspiration and the tools to make them. In this post I will demonstrate a couple of other ways to make a cute choker necklace.
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Hanger with ephemera for a music case


One day my client had her birthday during a Music Therapy lesson. We are playing the Cello together (she plays the left hand and I support her right hand, or I play the right hand). We both love playing the cello together and have builded a very pleasant friendship-like connection. So I decided to make her a present she could use to hang on her cello-case.
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How to make Smocking Curtains


Quite a few years ago I made some curtains, using the smocking sewing technique. I love those curtains and they already moved with me to three different homes.

Once a year I repare and wash them, and so this will be a good time to show you how I made the curtains.
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How to make your own jewelry – # 1. DIY – Earrings


oorbel 32



It is always nice to make your own things. Sometimes it looks difficult, but a lot of times it is easier then it looks. One thing that is relatively easy to make your own is jewelry. 
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Restoring Favorite Army Boots

My husband has some over 25 year old secondhand army boots. They are his favorite boots for walking, hiking and gardening. They fit his feet perfectly. You can imagine the state of the poor old things.

Army boots painted during 1st

Years ago they became very ugly, and we bought some paint. I don’t know whether the same product is stil available, but I know for sure there are simular products for sale. The product I used is Tana deep cleanser and leather dye in the colour black. This morning I painted them again.
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