How to make Smocking Curtains


Quite a few years ago I made some curtains, using the smocking sewing technique. I love those curtains and they already moved with me to three different homes.

Once a year I repare and wash them, and so this will be a good time to show you how I made the curtains.
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Restoring Favorite Army Boots

My husband has some over 25 year old secondhand army boots. They are his favorite boots for walking, hiking and gardening. They fit his feet perfectly. You can imagine the state of the poor old things.

Army boots painted during 1st

Years ago they became very ugly, and we bought some paint. I don’t know whether the same product is stil available, but I know for sure there are simular products for sale. The product I used is Tana deep cleanser and leather dye in the colour black. This morning I painted them again.
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