Minimalism – A hunger for less – #1

Minimalism, the movement that is trending right now and that is going against consumerism. People are realizing that more money, more cars, more stuff or just more in general doesn’t make you happier.
But if more doesn’t make you any happier, does less make you happier?

Minimalism is something has my attention for quite some time now. I think it is fascinating to see people sell their things, move to smaller homes, set clear goals and let go of certain things. I have watched hundreds of videos about minimalists, tiny homes and people living in a van. But I haven’t really implemented minimalism in such extremes in my daily life yet.

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Back after a long time


Dear readers,

This time we have a different post than normal. We haven’t kept up with our website for almost a year. This is because of some personal reasons that made that we didn’t have enough time and couldn’t prioritize this site. Also another reason is that we had some different expectations about this website and our interests have shifted slightly.

We would like to start writing again, however it can be a little different then before. We had set our bar too high for this website. And since we set the bar so high instead of just trying to enjoy keeping up with our website, we stopped writing in total.

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