How to make bunting from your old magazines

Most of us crafties like to collect magazines. Because maybe, someday, you can use them for a project. In the meanwhile you have a huge pile of magazines that you never use. Today I will share a way with you how you can use some of those old magazines to make a colorful bunting. The bunting I will make I am going to  use on the wall of my stairs. You can make the bunting as big or as small as you like.
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New Years Resolution to Goals – Bullet Journal

It’s the start of the year and a new year always brings new resolutions. These new years resolutions give you new goals. But how can you put these goals down on paper, so you can make sure you can reach them? I use a system that you can use in your bullet journal. I have already made my goal pages for February, so you can see how I do this.
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Music Therapy and different guitars

Multiple Instruments

Being a music therapist, I love using a lot of different musical instruments. Buying and having a lot of instruments can be very expensive. That’s why I love going to garage-sales, thrift-shops, flea markets and so on to buy my instruments.

This way I have already gotten quite a nice collection of old, modern, strange and interesting instruments.

I love to let the clients play the “unknown” and “strange” instruments. With the not so expensive instruments I don’t have to be afraid for damage. And I am very careful with the more expensive instruments.

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How To Make a Diaper Cake


One of your friends had a baby or just announced that she is pregnant. Congratulations! But now the question is, what will you give her for the babyshower or when you see the baby for the first time?

One of the gifts you can give that is cute, personal and practical is a diaper cake. A diaper cake can be as fancy as you want to make it, but it can also be quite easy and fun to make.

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How to make your own Jewelry – Choker Necklace # 2


In an earlier blogpost I have demonstrated how to make one cute and easy choker necklace under 5 minutes. In this post I will demonstrate a couple of other ideas for choker necklaces.
Choker necklaces are really easy to make yourself, as long as you have the inspiration and the tools to make them. In this post I will demonstrate a couple of other ways to make a cute choker necklace.
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Hanger with ephemera for a music case


One day my client had her birthday during a Music Therapy lesson. We are playing the Cello together (she plays the left hand and I support her right hand, or I play the right hand). We both love playing the cello together and have builded a very pleasant friendship-like connection. So I decided to make her a present she could use to hang on her cello-case.
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School, Journalling and Office Ideas – Pimp your own paperclips



A paperclip is always handy to have at school or at work. It can mark the page you are reading, put a little paper in place or hold together a couple of pages that belong together. You can find all kinds of paperclips at the store, but the cute ones are often more expensive in comparison with the simple ones.
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