About Dolce Creativity

Dolce Creativity is a business started by a mother and a daughter who want to bring back creativity in everyday life.

Sigrid Pieterman (mother), is a creative therapist, specialized in Musictherapy. She is also a certified tailor.  She has always been incredible creative in different aspects of her life.

She has also learned her two daughters all kind of different creative things, it was always a pleasure to be creative and to discover what you can  do and make yourself.

Kirsten Pieterman (daughter), is a MSc Child Psychologist, who at the moment is working at a Bank. She loves creative stuff, but finds it difficult to corporate this in her daily life.

Hence the start of Dolce Creativity, to bring back her passion for creative stuff.

She always wanted to start her own blog and to combine her desire for an own blog and the creativity of Sigrid brings us to Dolce Creativity.

With Dolce Creativity we want to encourage everyone to bring back a little creativity in their life. Especially to the persons who think they aren’t creative.

Because we believe that everyone is creative in one way or another. It just takes some courage to try to do something out of the box.

Everyone can make music, everyone can pimp their clothes and everyone can paint.

Creativity is an act of the heart, the opposite to perfection and that is why everyone is able to be creative.


Disclaimer: We both are dyslectic and Dutch, so please excuse our grammar and spelling mistakes. If you have any improvements for us, please let us know.