Bible Journaling Watercolour Song of Songs 2

In my new Journaling-Bible I have made a Lilly of the Valley (Song of Songs 2) with watercolor, or Aquarelle paint.

This is a blogpost with a lot of pictures and little text to show you how the materials behaved.

I used multiple layers of paint, and I let it dry so the paper wouldn’t be too wet and the colors too hard to control and to handle.


You can clearly see the lines with the first strokes of the brush.

Oops, too much color! I just dabbed it away with a piece of tissue paper.

If you use a lot of water, the page will crinkle a lot. Later in the proces the paper will shrink again and will be much smoother. In time (because of the pressure on the paper when the Bible is closed) it will straighten out.

Here I am working on the layers.

And some more layers.

Most of the time I used a big brush, but for the small details I used a smaller brush-size.

On the left is my Van Gogh aquarelle pallet.

On the right is my homemade pallet. In another blog you can read back how I made the pallet.

Here are some new layers added.

Now it it time for the finetuning and shadowing of a couple of the flowers.


And finally I’m adding a blue background.

And this is the end-result. I love using watercolors in my journalling bible. It gives a beautiful effect and makes a beautiful piece of art.

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