Minimalism – A hunger for less – #1

Minimalism, the movement that is trending right now and that is going against consumerism. People are realizing that more money, more cars, more stuff or just more in general doesn’t make you happier.
But if more doesn’t make you any happier, does less make you happier?

Minimalism is something has my attention for quite some time now. I think it is fascinating to see people sell their things, move to smaller homes, set clear goals and let go of certain things. I have watched hundreds of videos about minimalists, tiny homes and people living in a van. But I haven’t really implemented minimalism in such extremes in my daily life yet.

It is fascinating to me how people claim to be happier with less stuff and with making less decisions every day. How people talk about feeling more freedom with less and having more time to do what makes them truly happy. And as I watch these videos I am getting more and more inspired by them.

They inspire me in such way that I have set myself a goal to declutter and get rid of around 50% of my things. This is a goal that I have set for my self a couple of months ago without a deadline and without knowing how much stuff I had at that time. This means for me that I won’t know how many things I need to declutter before reaching my goals and that I don’t know when I need to reach that goal. So my goal isn’t SMART at all.

But it is a goal where I want to work on in a longer period of time. And my first baby steps have been made. I have started to declutter my home a couple of months ago. I have already gotten rid of 2 extra mattresses (why do I need 3 when I sleep on 1?), some extra blankets, some extra pillows, 2 dressers, a lot of books, a lot of my old school stuff, a lot of my papers and a whole lot more. So I can say that I have started with the challenge to get rid of 50% of my things.

One thing that I have done is sell a couple things in a “shop-in-a-shop”. See the picture of our planks in the picture at the start of this post. This was a fun experience since I could make a little money from the things I wanted to get rid of. However the down side is that after renting the planks for 3 weeks, I had to go back and get all the things from the shop and bring them back home again. So now I have all the things I wanted to sell, back in my small apartment. And as soon as the things were back in my apartment, I felt more stressed out at home. Now I have to find a new way to get rid of the things that didn’t sell. But do I want to get some money from it, or do I want to donate the things? I’m not sure yet. In the meanwhile my apartment is full of stuff again.

It is a starting point in my journey to own less things. A slow starting point with a sett back, but it is a start. I want to take you with me on this journey of figuring out is minimalism is all that it is said to be. Maybe one day I will classify myself as a minimalist, maybe one day I will own a lot more things then I do now. I don’t know this yet and I will keep you updated while I am trying to understand minimalism.


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