Bible (Art) Journaling with acrylic paints, Genesis 1

I love to make art and to journal in my Bible. Since the beginning of the year I am working a little in my new Bible, and I thought it would be nice to use a lot of different techniques and materials in this Bible.

This post will be about working with acrylic paints in the Bible. With acrylic paints you can start painting with dark colours, in contrast to working with watercolours, so this way I could make a galaxy.

I have used several distress inks and a white pen before to make another galaxy, with these materials it was a lot easier to look through the materials and see and read the text, but with acrylics I could get a more realistic picture.


Between the ( ) are the products I used.

  • (journaling-)bible (Thrive, a Journaling Devotional Bible for Women)
  • acrylic paints (Artico Black, Talens Amsterdam paint, in the colours 572 (primary cyan), 369 (primary magenta) and 567 (permanent red violet), 267 (azo yellow lemon), 234 (raw sienna), 222 (naples yellow light) and 800 (silver), Reeves Acrylic in the colours silver and bronze)
  • black distress ink  (Tim Holtz distress ink in black soot)
  • card (an old plastic card just like your credit card or bank pass)
  • brush (a cheap thin acrylic brush)
  • sponge (just a kitchen sponge)
  • protective sheet (HardiCraft craft supplies FlexiCover anti slip craft sheet size m, 30 x 42 cm)
  • baby wipes (My baby wipes were to old, that’s why I used facial wipes and kitchen cleaning wipes)

Proces of Painting:

I started painting with dark colours, building up to the lightest colours.

I put a protective sheet under my bible page, to protect the underlying pages. I started with putting a little droplet of my blackest acrylic paint (Artico Black) on to a plastic card.

To swipe the paint on the page I held the card in a downward angle, with the droplet of paint on the underside.

I pulled the card towards me, letting it glide/swipe over the paper. And from there I worked the paint outwards with slow strokes of the plastic card, still angled with the paint-side down.

A little bit of black paint overlapped the text, that’s why I used a baby wipe to take away a bit of the paint. In this case it was not a very big problem that the paint overlapped the text, for it was made on a devotional page, and not on a bible text page in this bible.

I liked the effect it gave on the edges of the paint, so I used the baby wipe on all the edges of the paint.

I cleaned the protective sheet before going to the next step, adding the Tim Holtz distress ink in black soot. I used a blending tool to blend. I choose this product to give the page a black undertone and to blend the harsh edges of the deep black acrylic paint (Artico Black).

I worked in layers, to give it a nice transition and blend. There are still edges visible, the endproduct will be a lot softer because of the added colours and paints.

And now I started adding colours to get a galaxy effect.

The colours in this step are a blue and two different red colours. I used Talens Amsterdam paint, in the colours 572 (primary cyan), 369 (primary magenta) and 567 (permanent red violet).

I applied the paint with a sponge. At first I dabbed the sponge in the paint with little light dabbing motions,  and started to put most of the paint on my protective sheet. This was done because I didn’t want to have big splashes and spots of paint.

When the sponge gave away a lesser amount of paint I dabbed it careful on several places on my page.

The same is done with the other colours.

The next stage is adding the lightest colours. I used Talens Amsterdam paint, in the colours 267 (azo yellow lemon), 234 (raw sienna), 222 (naples yellow light) and 800 (silver).

And again, the paints were added with the sponge in a dabbing motion.

The sponge gives the page a very nice galaxy effect. And starting with the darkest colours and adding the lightest colours later give the illuminating effect I wanted.

The white and silver were added after the yellow and sienna, just before

And the last colours were added together Reeves Acrylic in the colours silver and bronze.

And of course I kept on cleaning in between the different uses of colours, to prevent getting muddy colours.

And in the last fase I added some white, silver and bronze paints with a small brush to get a Saturn-ring-halo effect.

I purposely used a brush with some stray hairs, to get a more loose effect.

I hope you liked the way I made this galaxy. And I hope it inspired you to work in your own Bible.

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