How to Make Your Own Jewelry – Lacey Choker Necklaces # 3

Choker necklaces are hot, but also easy to make yourself. We have already two blogposts about how you can make your own choker necklaces. These necklaces where velvet or ribbon. Today will be our last blogpost about chokers. This time we will make two easy choker necklaces that are made of lace and lace-like material. These chokers are really easy and fast to make. You can make these chokers under 30 minutes.


  • Lace-ribbon
  • small ribbon in the same color
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

First Choker

Step 1:

The first choker is the easiest. This is the choker made of a lacey fabric/ribbon. This lacey fabric is softer that normal lace, so it won’t feel uncomfortable on your neck. Measure this lacey fabric around your own neck and make sure to have some spare to make a cute bow or a knot. Then take the scissors and cut the ribbon.

Step 2:

After you cut your lacey fabric, it is time to secure the choker around your neck. You can use either a knot or a bow on the end, depending on what you like the most. I used a knot because I felt lazy. Now you just drape the choker around your neck and tie the knot in front of your neck. After that you just turn the choker around and you have a cute new choker necklace.

Second Choker

The second choker is almost as easy to make as the first. Only this time you need a glue gun and a little extra ribbon, because you will use a stiffer lace.

Step 1:

This is the choker made of a stiffer lace then the first choker. Measure the lace around your own neck and make sure to cut of less lace then what goes around your neck. (See the picture below for what I mean). Then take the scissors and cut the lace.

Step 2:

Then choose the softer ribbon you want to use. Of this softer ribbon you will need about 5 cm a piece.

Step 3:

After you cut the stiffer lace and the softer ribbon, it is time to attach the ribbon to the lace. To do this, we will use a glue gun. This is an easy and fast way to attach these two together, but you can also choose to sew them together or glue them with an other type of glue. Make sure that you attach the ribbon to the “ugly side”  of the lace, so the beautiful side will stay beautiful.

Step 4:

Now your choker is ready. The last step is to place the choker around your neck. I made a small bow with the softer ribbon in front of my neck, before I twisted the choker around. This way the choker will look cute on both the front and the back of your neck.


You can also make this choker as an headband or a bracelet. For a headband, you will need longer pieces of the softer ribbon, so you can tie the ribbons together. And for the bracelet, you just have to measure how long you want the bracelet to be and if you want it wrapped twice of more around your arm. See the pictures below.


Let us know if you have made your own choker in the comments, on instagram or on Facebook.

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