How to make bunting from your old magazines

Most of us crafties like to collect magazines. Because maybe, someday, you can use them for a project. In the meanwhile you have a huge pile of magazines that you never use. Today I will share a way with you how you can use some of those old magazines to make a colorful bunting. The bunting I will make I am going to  use on the wall of my stairs. You can make the bunting as big or as small as you like.

Todays project will require a sewing machine, but you can replace the sewing with glue if you don’t have a sewing machine. The effect will be a little different because you won’t have the crisscross pattern on the flags.


  • Old magazines
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Thread (thick for the braid and thin thread for the sewing. An alternative is ribbon)
  • Sewing machine
  • Some paper and a pencil for making the templates

Step 1:

Make the templates. You can use different shapes. The shapes I’m making today are the regular triangle shape, a rectangle and a square. These once are easy and fast to make. Don’t worry about making mistakes with the templates. This is the reason we use templates, just make a new one. Once you have drawn the template, cut it out so you can use it on the magazine papers. My squares are 10 cm by 10 cm. My triangle is 10 cm with roughly 11,5 cm sides. (I made sure that the triangle will be just as long as the squares) My rectangle is 15 cm by 7,5 cm.


Step 2:

After you have made these templates, it is time to cut the pieces out of the magazines. Choose magazine pages that are collourful and which you want to use. Then rip out these pages and fold the pages in half.

After folding the pages, lay the template on top of the page. Make sure to lay the “upside” of the template directly to the fold. This way the flag wil be correct when you cut it out and are sewing them.
After you cut the flags, you can braid your thick thread for the cord. If you use ribbon, you can skip the next step.

Step 3:

Now it is time to braid your cord. The length of the braid is different for everyone, depending on how long your bunting wil be. Make sure to cut the thick thread/ribbon or other material a little longer then you need. Cut three strands of the thread. Then loosely braid the cord. I used washitape to keep the braid put in place and make it easier to braid.

The ends of the strands can be wrapped around something, like a bulldog clip or bobbin to prevent it from knotting. After braiding, finish the braid with a knot.

How I use washitape during my braiding

Step 4:

Now we can start sewing the flags on the cord. The cutest way is if you set your sewing machine on a wide crisscross stand, so you will get a cute pattern. I used white thread, but you can use whatever color you want.

Lay down your flag and put the cord in the fold. Make sure the cord is completely in the fold, so that you won’t sew the cord in the flag. If the cord doesn’t lay good and you sew the cord in the flag, the flag won’t be able to move on the cord.

Then you sew half a centimeter beside the fold, so the flag is closed.

After sewing the flag close, sew the other sides, so you have a nice crisscross stitching around the flag. Be aware that if you use different forms, you can chose to hang the flags in a specific order. This way it will look a lot neater. (Unless you want a messy look, which is also cute!).

After sewing all the flags on the cord, you are done! You have cute bunting that is made of old magazines.

Do you make your own bunting, or do you buy it?




    1. Dankjewel Els 🙂 Het was ook erg leuk om zo toch nog gebruik te kunnen maken van mijn oude flows. Anders blijven ze maar op een stapel liggen 😉 – Kirsten

    1. Thank you Hayley 🙂 I was thinking of ways to use my old magazines and thought, why not try this 😉 – Kirsten

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