New Years Resolution to Goals – Bullet Journal

It’s the start of the year and a new year always brings new resolutions. These new years resolutions give you new goals. But how can you put these goals down on paper, so you can make sure you can reach them? I use a system that you can use in your bullet journal. I have already made my goal pages for February, so you can see how I do this.

A way to make your goals a little easier to reach is to write them step-by-step in your (bullet-)journal or planner. For my new year resolutions this year I have chosen a theme. This year I want to put my health as a first priority. My other goals are a part of this theme. This means that all my goals that have a priority will revolve around health.

First all of my goals. To make my goals I have used a spinweb. In this web I found that I have 3 main goals: Lose weight, work-out at least 3 times a week and work on my mental health. 

These three goals are split in small goals to make it easier.

  • My first goal of losing weight is split in: using the Weight Watchers app every day, taking pictures for my instagram (a special account only for my weight loss journey), having weekly weigh ins and measuring once a month.
  • My second goal of working out at least three times a week is split in: going to dance lessons for 3 times a week (Mondays ballet, Wednesdays pole and Fridays high heels), walking at least three times a week for at least 10.000 steps and going to the gym once a week.
  • At my last goal of working on my mental health is split in: writing in my diary at least five times a week, reading my bible at least five times a week, going to church for at least two times a month and reading one new book each month.

For all these goals I have made a tracker in the style of bullet journalling. See below in steps how I have made my tracker. As you can see it is not as need as it can be, but it is realistic in how I make my own trackers. I use one color for each goal and as the month progresses, your will have a colorful page with different colors.


  • Paper, bullet journal, planner, notebook (one of these)
  • Liner
  • Pencil
  • Colorful pens or pencils

Step 1: Measure out where the trackers will come. As you can see, I have set less dots then I need. This is something I have corrected later on.



Step 2: Name the trackers, so you know where each tracker is.



And the last step: Connect all the dots and fill in the numbers. Now you have your own trackers for a month. If you do this each month, you will find that reaching your new years resolutions has become easier then without the planning.


What helps you to reach each of your new years resolutions?


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