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On this page I used a journaling card as a tip-in, and a small journaling card with a receipt and a map. 

Tip-ins are a good way to create more space or work-space on your page. Other ways to enlarge the work-space of a page are: a pocket, envelope, tuck-in, tip-in or a tag.


This is a good way to create more space on a journaling page. But be aware of the bulking effect of the materials in your journal. For instance the decorating in a Junk-Journal: add pockets, envelopes, flip-ups or flip-outs or belly-bands (made out of paper, lace or ribbons). Fill them with journaling-cards, pieces of paper, tags, little books, envelopes, nice pictures. Add pictures on the pages, add, stickers and stamps, Make the pages more interesting with the use of a corner-punch and other punches or by adding pieces of lace, flowers and other ephemera.


These pictures show several ways to add journaling space.


In a Travelers Journal I can add flyers, tickets and maps. The days we have made a trip to a city or to a museum, I will start filling the page with the flyers, tickets and so on. After that I will build the page around these and add the written text. It is nice to use different materials like fabric, paper, cardboard, cardstock, junk-mail and odd bits and pieces of paper. Tip-ins can also be decorated with paints, other ephemera, fabric, threat, lace and band: Applying these materials are a fun way to decorate a journal. Everything and anything goes.


Tip-ins of a french wool gallery/museum visit, I also added the several samples of wool materials.

img_3203img_3204img_3205 The first journaling page with tourist map..

Tip: Adding photo’s as a tip-in to your journal is a quick and fun way to capture the moment on a page.


You can add some artwork or in this case a piece of a colouring-page as a tip-in.

How to add a Tip-in:

Glue: You can glue a piece of paper in with a thin line of glue, in between two pages, on the side of a page (if you want a nice fold in your paper, remember to score the paper first before folding it in).


The enveloppe on the right page is glued in as a tip-in.

Washi-tape: There are a lot of different washi-tapes available. A good washi-tape doesn’t destroy your paper when it is removed. And you can make the pages more interesting with a pop of colour.


Which method do you prefer? Let us know…


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