How to make your own Jewelry – Choker Necklace # 2


In an earlier blogpost I have demonstrated how to make one cute and easy choker necklace under 5 minutes. In this post I will demonstrate a couple of other ideas for choker necklaces.
Choker necklaces are really easy to make yourself, as long as you have the inspiration and the tools to make them. In this post I will demonstrate a couple of other ways to make a cute choker necklace.

Supplies velvet choker:

  • velvet ribbon
  • needle and tread
  • push-button
  • scissors

The first necklace I will show you is a velvet choker. This choker is made with push-button sewed on the end of the velvet ribbon. See the pictures below.


First you need to gather all your supplies, so make sure you have everything needed.


The first step is to measure how much velvet ribbon you need. The best thing is to just measure this around your neck and make sure to have around 2,5 cm extra ribbon. This is for the end with the push-button. It is better to have a little to much, which you can cut away, then to have too little. You can use a special cloth pencil to mark the place where the push-button needs to be stitched.


The next step is to stitch the push-button on the ribbon. Be sure to do this on the correct side of the ribbon! When you stitch on the velvet side of the ribbon on the first end, then be sure to stitch the second part of the push-button on the other side (the “not-velvet” part) of the ribbon!


Watch on which side of the ribbon the push-button is sewed:


After you stitched the push-button, you will get the next end result. You can burn the ends of the ribbon for a very short time, so that it is need and won’t unravel.


A cute option for the velvet choker necklace is to add a charm in the middle. An example is below.
You can use the same method as described above for the end of this ribbon.

velvet-ribbon velvet-choker-met-heel-charm

Charm choker

A second choker is with a smaller ribbon and a charm, to which the ribbon can be tide on both sides.


  • two pieces of small ribbon
  • charm with openings on both sides
  • scissors

To attach the ribbon to the charm, you will need to fold the ribbon in half so you can make a loop. You need to put the folded part through one side of the charm. After putting this half through the charm, you need to open the loop. Then you can put the ends through the loop, this way you will get the knot. Be sure to make the knot nice and flat. See the pictures below for an explanation:


After doing one side, repeat for the other side of the charm with the second piece of ribbon.
Now you can tie the ribbons together behind your neck. But you can also use this one as a bracelet, see pictures below.


Have you made a choker necklace? Or used a choker necklace as a bracelet?






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