Junk Journal



For the birthday of my daughters I made some Harry Potter themed Junk Journals.They are big, chunkey journals full of ephemera, tags, mini Hogwards books, tickets, maps, paperclips, envelopes, pictures and so on.


For my homegroup from church I made an other and smaller  Junk Journal, easier and small enough to put in my bag and to take it with me.


It is a lot of fun to make junk journals. To look everywhere for odd pieces of paper. Coffee and/or tea dye or stain them, ink them, cut them the right size, slam and stitch them all together.

And after that the real fun starts: filling the pages with tuck-spots, envelopes, belly-bands, pouches. Punching the corners and the edges of the paper, inking the edges of the paper, stamping and adding little pictures and stamps.

And after that comes the filling of the tuck-spots, the envelopes, and adding the booklets, maps, tags, pictures and fibres to the pages. I love the fact that I can do a lot of little things in free and spare moments to make these books look better.  


Do you want to make your own junk journal? See below for the necessities and for some tips. In later posts I shall cover the different subjects like staining and treating the papers, binding the book or journal, making tags and ephemera and so on.


Everything and anything goes. You can think of things like: 

  • Paper, coffee and/or thea stained paper, old books 
  • Paints, inks, stamps, punches etc.
  • Glue like: tacky glue, bookbinding glue, double sided tape, or a glue roller
  • Thread, fibers, lace, doily’s
  • Ephemera, Tags
  • Pictures, found in old books, cards or on internet
  • Printable little books, tickets, paper, pictures and ephemera
  • Thread, fibers, lace, 



You can use an old or a new book, or you can make your own book. And you can even combine the cover of an old book with home made inserts. It is nice to use different materials like fabric, paper, cardboard, cardstock, junkmail and odd bits and pieces of paper to make the base; the cover and the inserts of a junkjournal.


To spice up the cover I use different materials, like leather, paints, lace, stickers, metal pieces and all kinds of ephemera. Add a hanger with beads, charms, feathers, shells or other ephemera to the spine, and add some bookmarks to the spine to spice it up.




For the inserts you can also use different materials like fabric, paper, cardstock, junkmail and odd bits and pieces of paper. The inserts are made by folding the papers in half, and by stapling or sewing a couple of them together on the foldline. The inserts can be joined to the cover in a lot of different ways. I prefer to sew the inserts to a big piece of cardstock or a filefolder or thicker scrapbookpaper. After that I join the inserts to the cover with bookbinding glue.



You can decorate your junkjournal in a lot of different ways. Add pockets, envelopes, flip-ups or flip-outs or bellybands (made out of paper, lace or ribbons). Fill them with journalingcards, pieces of paper, tags, little books, envelopes, nice pictures. Add pictures on the pages, add, stickers and stamps, Make the pages more interesting with the use of a cornerpunch and other punches or by adding pieces of lace, flowers and other ephemera.


Are you inspired to make your own junk journal? Keep us posted.

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