How to make your own jewelry – # 1. DIY – Earrings


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It is always nice to make your own things. Sometimes it looks difficult, but a lot of times it is easier then it looks. One thing that is relatively easy to make your own is jewelry. 


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It is quite easy, but sometimes you just have to get the inspiration to start making your own jewelry. Today I’m making earrings and I will take you with me step for step, so you can make these too!


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Supplies needed:

  • Beads with a hole wide enough for the wire
  • French earring hooks
  • Eyepins, headpins
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Wire clippers





finding materials



Start with getting al your materials together. Get all the beads you want to choose from and put on some nice music. It is time to make some jewelry.


kiezen basis

beads in formlooking if it looks good


How to make eyepin hooks


eerste stapStep 1Stap 4?Stap 5


  1. Put the beads of you choice on headpin
  2. Get the jewelry plier and make a little hoop but don’t close the hoop, just as in the picture above.
  3. Then trim the headpin, so you have just enough left to close the hoop.
  4. Then get the eyepin and put it in the hoop.
  5. Use the jewelry plier to close the hoop, so the eyepin won’t fall out.


stap 6stap 7oorbel 3stap 10stap 11


  1. Now it is time to repeat the proces. Put the beads on the eyepin.
  2. Get the jewelry plier and make a new hoop, just like before, but don’t close the hoop.
  3. Then get the french earring hook and put it on the hook of the eyepin.
  4. Next close the hoop and voila, you have your first earring!
  5. The last step is to repeat the proces for the second earring.


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So that was quite easy, right? It just takes a little patience and Let us know if you have made your own earring? Please send us a picture, or tag us when you post a picture, so we can see it.

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